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Sturm 123 Community Room Hyflex Upgrades

# **Upgrades:** The Community Room has ceiling microphone and camera upgrades to increase Hyflex teaching functionality. There is also a mobile Aver Camera/sound bar option. # **How to connect to room microphone, speakers, and camera:** 1. Plug in **HDMI **and **USB **cables from the floor plate to your device. ![…

Sturm Collaboration Classrooms Aver Camera/Soundbar

Aver Cameras/Soundbars are being added to General Education classrooms at Sturm. # **Connect** Connect **Camera USB** to laptop or Podium Computer. ![][1] # **How to adjust app (Zoom) settings** **Note**: The following is for **Zoom **but adjusting the settings in **Microsoft Teams**, **WebEx** is a similar proce…

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