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How to Enable Email Forwarding for Faculty

1. Log into OWA by going to ****. a. Enter **ccc\S#** and your **myACC password**. 2. Click the **Gear** at the top right. ![][1] 3. Select **Options**. ![][2] 4. Go down to **Mail -> Automatic Processing -> Inbox and sweep rules**. 5. Click the **+ button**. ![][3] 6. Add the **New Inbox rule**. …

How to Access a Shared Mailbox in OWA

1. After logging in to your individual email via OWA, click on your **profile icon** in the top-right corner. This will open the settings with **_Open Another Mailbox_** as an option. 2. Click **Open another mailbox**. ![][1] 3. In the _Open Another Mailbox_ window, type the **email address** or **name** of your sh…

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