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How to find the address of a mapped drive/folder

To find the address of a mapped drive/folder: * Navigate to the drive or folder you want * in the address bar of the open window click the drop down arrow to display the full drive path ![][1] [1]:…

Connecting to a File Server on a Mac to Store Personal Files

Our process for transitioning personal files from the the old location to a new "H: Drive" might confuse some Mac users because Macs don't use drive letters like Windows 10. These steps will let you connect to the new file server for storing your personal files. **Connect to a Server on MacOS** In the Finder menu ba…

Mapping a Shared Network Drive

How to map a network share drive Windows 10 1. Click magnifying glass next to start button 2. Type in "This PC" and click to open ![][1] 3. Choose "Computer" tab near top left 4. Click "map network drive" ![][2] 5. Choose whichever letter you prefer 6. Type in share drive address, (for example, \\acc\arapahoe…

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