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Adjunct Voicemail Setup

Adjunct Voicemail Setup How to set up adjunct voicemail on Cisco phones. **1. If you are at any phone on campus:** -Press the “messages” button on the phone, then press the * key -Enter your 7 digit extension (797XXXX or 128XXXX) -Press the # key -You will be prompted for a PIN (The default PIN is 12355) -Press…

Accessing Voice Mail from a remote phone

Accessing Voice Mail from a remote phone Call the main number. (5700 from campus, 3037975700 from outside of campus) Dial extension by number at AA prompt. (7 digits) (No answer, you hear voicemail greeting) At this point, hit *, and it will prompt for user ID which is going to be the extension. Enter PIN. You'r…

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