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Using WebEx for Synchronous Online Meetings

Please enjoy this video on Using WebEx for Synchronous Online Meetings

Zoom Tools and Teaching Tips

Please enjoy this video on Zoom Tools and Teaching Tips

Using the Document Camera with Zoom in a Collaboration Capable Classroom

We are adding collaboration capabilities to many of our classrooms. This new technology will allow us to hold hybrid, real-time in person and remote learning sessions in a flexible variety of modes. While many of the classrooms are ready to go, it's a work in progress. Some classrooms may not be ready for the solution…

How to set up Out of Office for Shared mailbox

Anyone that has access to a shared mailbox can configure Automatic Replies for Out of Office: 1) For best results, go to [][1] to log into the email that has access to the desired shared mailbox. 2) Switch over to shared mailbox. On the top right, Next to the user name account, click on the drop down and…

How to look at your connected services in Office

In any Office application click on "File" ![][1] Then Click on "Office Account" ![][2] Note who is logged in for each connected service. [1]: [2]: https://hf-files-o…

Add / Remove Members of a Distribution List

# How to add or remove members of a distribution list If you are the owner of an email distribution list with permissions to add/remove members, follow these instructions to add or remove members to or from the list. **Add a member to a distribution list** Step 1: Find the Distribution List in the Outlook Address B…

Send From Secondary School Email Address

# **How to Send From a Secondary School Email Address** Step 1: In the new message window, go to the _Options_ tab and then click the _From_ button. ![][1] Step 2: The _From_ dropdown menu will now be displayed. In the _From_ dropdown menu, choose _Other Email Address_. ![][2] Step 3: In the _Send From Other Emai…

Recording Videos Using YuJa

Please enjoy this video about Recording Videos Using YuJa.

WebEx Tools and Teaching Tips

Please enjoy this video about WebEx Tools and Teaching Tips

Softchalk - Instructional Tool

Below is the support information for SoftChalk. **If you have NOT created a SoftChalk Cloud account**, please create an account on the SoftChalk Cloud [Join Now][1] page. From the **Select Account Type** dropdown menu, select**Cloud (I have an Activation Key)**. Paste in your Activation Key provided above.**If you al…

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