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How to turn on Wi-Fi calling for Android devices
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How to Enable Wi-Fi calling for Android devices to help assist with sending/receiving calls when connection is poor.

Note: If you are unable to find your Wi-Fi calling feature on your Android device please Google your particular Android phone and "How to enable Wi-Fi calling" after. Not all Android devices will have the same exact process as this one. But the Wi-Fi calling option should always be located in your devices settings.

  1. Locate your settings app on your android device:



  • Your may need to search for your settings app if you cannot find it. Getting to your search bar may vary depending on the type of Android you have, for me I swipe up where the arrow is located near the bottom:
  1. You should see a “Search Apps” bar:

  1. Search for and select the “Settings” app when it pops up from the search results:

  1. Select “Wi-Fi and Network”:

  1. Select “Wi-Fi Calling”:

  1. Click on the Slider to enable Wi-Fi calling:



  1. Wi-Fi calling should now be enabled:



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