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Installing Apps via AutoPilot
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1. Go to

2. Log in with their Arapahoe email and myACC password.

3. Click the gray area.


4. Select the computer.

5. Click Select.


6. Click the 3 Lines at the top left.

7. Click Apps.

8. All your apps will show that you can install on your machine.

9. To install an app like Adobe Acrobat Reader, click on the app.

10. Click Install.

11. The App will say Pending Sync.

12. The app will then download and install.

13. This should only take between 1-5 minutes.

14. Now the app is installed on your computer.

15. You can repeat this process with all the apps available to you.

16. Make sure to do one at a time.

       a. If an app is already installed and you try to install it from this list, then it will have the status Installed.

             1. The app will not be installed again.

17. These are all of the apps that are necessary to have on your computer. However, some may be already installed.

        a. Adobe Acrobat Pro/Adobe Acrobat Reader

        b. Cisco WebEx

        c. Citrix Workspace

        d. Microsoft Teams

        e. Zoom

        f. Zoom Outlook Plugin


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