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How to Schedule an Appointment through Navigate
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To schedule an appointment through Navigate, follow these instructions:


1. Log into myACC by going to


2. Click on the Navigate icon in the Dashboard.



3. You can also go to the Student tab and select Navigate under Academic & Degree Planning.

    a. Make sure to click only the word Navigate. Don't click Access.



4. Once you log into Navigate, click Appointments.



5. Click Schedule an Appointment.



6. Select the Type of Appointment.

    a. This tutorial is for scheduling an appointment for the Open Computer Lab, but you can schedule appointments for Advising, Career & Transfer, Disability Access Services, Student Orientation, Student Services, and TRIO Student Support Services (TRIO SSS).


7. Click Tutoring, Labs, Library & Bookstore.


8. Select the Service you need.

    a. Scroll down to Computer Lab Access.

    b. Select the type of service, i.e. Mac Usage or Windows Usage.

        1. The one you select will be how much time your appointment is.

             a. Selecting the Mac Standard Use will give you a 60 minute appointment time with a Mac in the OCL.

             b. Selecting Windows Extended Use will give you a 90 minute appointment time with a Windows computer in the OCL.



9. Select the Day you want to schedule the appointment.



10. Once everything looks good, select Find Available Time.


11. Select the Time Range for the Appointment.

     a. For other appointments like Advising, you can select the appropriate campus to meet at. 



12. Review the Appointment Detail.

13. Select Schedule.



14. Your appointment is now scheduled.

    a. The appointment will show up under My Appointments on the Appointments Home Screen.

    b. You can select the arrow next to the appointments to view more details.



Your appointment has now been scheduled.


Any questions? Contact the ACC IT Helpdesk at 303-797-5900 or email for further assistance.

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