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Rebuilding Outlook Profile
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In the event someone needs to rebuild their Outlook profile (for the locally installed version, not the browser) they can do so with this process:


1) Open your locally installed version of Outlook.

2) go to File.

3) Select Account Settings > Manage Profiles.

5) Select the "Show Profiles' button in the new popup window.

6) Choose the profile that needs to be removed and click "Remove" to delete the profile (this does not delete any info, just a refresher after being added).

7) Ignore any further popups and exit Outlook completely.

8) Open Outlook and it should ask for Profile Name: Enter their S# and we should then see their email address appear in next steps.

9) You will be presented with multiple options to use this profile with, select "Exchange" and complete the installer

Once Outlook re-opens you'll notice the profile re-downloading. (lower right-hand side of Outlook will have progress bar).

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