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Updating OneDrive for Use in the New Citrix Environment
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This Knowledge Base article addresses a very specific issue in a limited set of circumstances. If you have used the new Citrix environment between September 1, 2020 and November 7, 2020, and you have configured OneDrive in that Citrix environment, read on. If this doesn't describe your experience, but you are having trouble with OneDrive, please search the Knowledge Base for other articles or contact the help desk.


If this does describe your experience and you are seeing an unusual error message, read on! And thanks for diving head first into our effort to upgrade Citrix and make our files more accessible through OneDrive.


To improve the functionality of OneDrive and SharePoint in Citrix, we need to adjust some settings behind the scenes. When we do this, you will receive some one-time notifications to help reconfigure OneDrive when you next log into the Citrix Faculty Staff and Call Queue desktops. This should only happen the first time you log into one of these new desktops after we make our changes.


After our changes, when your Citrix desktop launches into Windows, you'll be prompted to log into Microsoft OneDrive.

  1. Enter your password

  2. You will see a notification that there was a problem signing in. Click the X to close this window

  3. After closing the window, go the the Start Menu and open the OneDrive app

  4. Click OK when you are alerted that OneDrive is not signed in

  5. Enter your password again and select Sign in

  6. When you are alerted that OneDrive cannot be synced, click Close
  7. You will be prompted to go through the OneDrive setup process again. If you need a refresher, check out How to Add OneDrive in Citrix, and remember to use your email address and password

  8. During the OneDrive setup process, you will be told that a OneDrive folder already exists. This is expected and a good thing. you must select Use this folder

Once you have finished this reconfiguration, OneDrive should operate normally, and you should not have to repeat these steps again.

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