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AutoCAD License Troubleshooting Fall 2020
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Students in classes that require AutoCAD may have trouble with logging into their AutoCAD account to download the software. Here are the steps that need to be taken.


1. The instructor will send a link to the student for access to AutoCAD through their student email.

2. This is a free license for one year. No need to enter license information.

3. Depending on when the student registered for the class, it will indicate when the license will be available. Once the student registers for the class, it will take a little time for the license to process and become available.

4. Click on the link, and it will take you to the AutoCAD website.

5. Students need to create a new account with AutoCAD with their student email if they already don't have an account with AutoCAD. This is separate from the Adobe Creative Cloud account.

6. If the student is having problems with their account due to saved passwords or other issues, they will need to either clear the cache of their browser, use/download a new browser to log into AutoCAD or use Citrix to log in.

7. Once logged in, the student can download the software for the class.

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