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Using The Collaboration Capable Classrooms

ACC now has several classrooms that are Collaboration Ready. To use one of these classrooms please view the instructional video below.




The classrooms that are currently collaboration ready are:

Building  Room Number
Main M3640
Main M3690
Main M3710
Annex A1540
Main M3750
Main M3720
Main M3730
Main M4010
Main M4090
Main M4120
Main M4130
Main M4760
Main M4790
Main M4740
Main M4750
Annex A2120
Annex A1000
Annex A1120
Annex A1140
Annex A1470
Main M3090
Main M3510
Main M3610
Main M4810
Main M3040
Main M3130
Parker P103
Parker P104
Parker P204
Parker P206
Parker P223
Parker P102 A
Parker P102 B


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