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Entering a support session- user guide
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How to enter your support session

Many times our technicians will need to be able to remotely access your computer to be able to successfully repair it. The following directions will make sure you are able to successfully join the session


From the computer that is needs support click on the link in the confirmation email you received
If you have never used WebEx before you may be asked to download something, just follow the on screen directions to get to the meeting.
In the window that opens
Click the audio selection box
A menu will appear
If your computer audio is working Click “Use computer for audio”
If your computer audio is not working
Select “Call me at…”
Enter the phone number to your phone in the space
Click “Start Meeting”

Once in the meeting the technician will need you to share you screen. To do that:

Click the Share screen button
A menu will appear
From the menu (you may have lots of choices) select “Screen” or Screen 1” from the selection box.

Your technician will now be able to see your screen and will be able to walk you through the the remaining steps to grant control of your computer to the technician.

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