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How to Login to the ACC VPN
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How to Login to the ACC VPN

How to login to the ACC VPN on both Mac and PC

Getting Started
Logging in (Windows 10)

If you already have the VPN Client on you PC

•Go to Start> Pulse Secure> Pulse Secure and open the application
•If this is the first time you’ve logged into the VPN you will need to add a connection (Click the +)
•Enter the information
•Type: “Policy Secure (UAC) or Connect Secure (VPN)”
•Name: ACC VPN
•Server URL:
•Click “Add”
•Click “Connect” in the next window

In the window that opens

•Click on “Save settings”
•Click “Connect”

In the next window,

•choose “ACC Standard”
• Click “Save Settings”
• Click “Connect”.

One final window will open

•Enter your “s”Number and password
•Click “Save settings”
•Click “Connect” one final time.

Once connected, you will see the Pulse Secure icon with a green up arrow in the notification area of taskbar.

Getting Started
Logging in (Apple Mac)

•Click on the Pulse Secure VPN Application located on the upper task bar
•In the box that opens
•Enter your “s” Number
•Enter for the server URL
•Click “Add”
•Click “Save”
•Now click “Connect”
•Select “Acc Standard” in the new window
•Click “Connect”
•In the final window enter your “S” number and Password
•Click “Connect”

Getting Started
Logging in (Mac and PC)

Follow these steps if you do not have VPN Client installed on your PC or Mac.

•Enter your “s” number and password
•Select “ACC Standard” from the “Realm” drop down
•Click “Sign In”

You will be prompted to Download the Application

•After you have downloaded the installer, follow the onscreen instructions to install the client software.
•Once installed, follow the instructions earlier in this guide to login.
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