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When Outlook iOS Stops Working - re-connecting Outlook on your iPad/iPhone
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When Outlook iOS Stops Working

We have all experienced the frequency of Microsoft Office application updates in the Windows, macOS, and iOS environment. They sometimes, they arrive on a weekly basis.


Lately, we have seen some iPad users stopping into the IT Help Desk with Outlook issues. Outlook, either is not updating or user, trying to troubleshoot, is trying to update their account information, but it the app is not acting like it can connect to Exchange.


Side note: A little background with Office 365 apps for iOS. We currently have those applications automatically updating through our MDM (JAMF). Since these apps can be heavy use, it is important that users get prompt security updates, as well as, other feature updates. That being said, we have to take the bad with the good sometimes.



1) delete Outlook
2) Restart the iPad
3) Install Outlook via Self Service and go through the setup steps again.


Delete the app from the device, selecting the app until the X appears the app icons do the "shimmy"


Select the X to delete the app. Select OK when the warning appears.


Go to the Self Service app on the device


Find Outlook and install/reinstall

Open Outlook

If your email address is already showing, select add account, if not, enter email address and select Add Account

Select Not IMAP in the top right hand corner

Change account provider > Exchange

email address

Your password

Description: ACC Email

Domain: ccc

Username: your s number

Sign In

Select Maybe Later

Decide whether you want notifications on or off


An additional setting that may be helpful and referred is turning off Focused Inbox. Select the icon in the upper eft hand corner with your initials, select the Gear icon in lower left, scroll to find Focused Inbox, toggle off. Select X to exit.

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