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Joining Multiple Incoming Calls for Conference
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The conference phone has a direct dial-in number. The number is displayed on the screen.

To connect multiple incoming callers into a single conference call, follow the steps below.


The display on the phone has a row of options at the bottom that correspond to the buttons just below.  To select an on screen option, press the button aligned with that option. These buttons are called soft keys, and will change function depending on the status of the phone.

  • First caller calls in – Answer this call using soft key button when 'Answer' appears on screen.

  • Second caller calls in – Press answer.  This will place the first caller on hold, and answer the second incoming call.

    • You will see the first caller has been put on hold and a Pause Icon (two vertical parallel bars) will appear on the line for the first caller.  The newly answered call will have a Play Icon (triangle) on the line for the second caller.

  • Use the arrow buttons on the phone to move up and/or down to select the call that has been placed on hold, and press the center button (Select).

  • Press Join – You will need to press the ‘More’ soft key to see the Join option.  

Simply repeat this process for each new caller - The phone will handle up to seven incoming calls

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