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Sound and Microphone setting in Windows 10
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Sound and Microphone setting in Windows 10

How to set up sound and microphone in windows 10.

Sound and Microphone Settings in windows 10.


-Right click on the sound icon Located in the bottom right hand corner of your screen
-Select “Open Sound settings” from the menu
-Select your speakers or headphones from the “Choose your output device” dropdown menu. 
  • To test your selection, move the “Volume” slider in either direction and Windows will play a test tone.
  • If you hear the sound, your selection is correct. if not, make another selection and test until you hear the test tone.
-Select your Microphone from the “choose your input device” dropdown menu.
  • To test your selection, speak normally and you should see the “Test your microphone” indicator moving.
  • If you see the indicator move, you are done, if not repeat the previous step.   


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